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Happiness with Julie Leonard Ep15 - The Pursuit of Happiness

March 13, 2020

In a break from our main Journey to Abundance Series today Friday the 13th, which is commonly known for things going wrong, we disrupt that, because that is what we do and look at the opposite - happiness.

Julie Leonard is Certified Life Coach and Happiness Evangelist with 30 years of Psychology,
Health and Coaching Experience .

The founder of Sunndach (an online coaching programme), the creator of The Intentional Happiness Circle and author of The Daily Happiness Moment Journal, Julie is also host of the monthly online International Happiness Club.

Julie says "I’m so passionate about happiness and living life with intention and supporting women to feel
happy. As a business owner and mom myself I can empathise and understand many of the
challenges you face".

Julie truly believes that you do not have to be defined by your past, held back by your limiting beliefs
or remain stuck because of your negative inner critic and fear.

She goes on to say "I used to be that woman, but not any more, and not for a long time".

After transforming herself she has gone on to support over 1000 women over the past 30 years.

"You can take control of your life, let go of limiting beliefs, get clear on what you want and truly live the life
you desire. To be successful. To be Intentionally Happy".

We are so HAPPY to have Julie on as our guest today, to find out more about Julie and how you can connect here are her links.

Don't forget to post on Julie's Insta and Facebook, she would love to hear your thoughts, as would we!!!

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