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ManUp Series with Dan Atkins Talking Homelessness and Mental Health. How Kindness and Innovation Can Change Lives - EP 26

June 17, 2021



Dan Atkins

 Founder and CEO of Buses4Homeless

 Dan is a hardworking Social Entrepreneur from New Zealand living and working in London creating amazing spaces to help homeless people by looking at the whole person not just their immediate needs.

Dan has built on his life experience to found the Buses 4 Homeless project which helps transform homeless people’s lives in a unique and effective way. 

Dan talks openly about his own mental health struggles after losing his brother to suicide shaped how he saw the world. How helping one person founded his purpose and how important all life is.

His goal in life is to create solutions for age-old problems, to challenge the status quo and to leave a strong and lasting impact in people’s lives.

Dan strongly believes the world needs more innovative solutions from social entrepreneurs like Buses4Homeless.

Dan says “Being a Social Entrepreneur means you’re wired in a different way; concerned first and foremost with leaving people and the world in a better place; paying it forward to future generations".

We couldn't agree more.

I connected in with Dan through Morning Juice Show
and knew immediately we needed to get him on the show and support his work.

I am so please that he will also be a guest speaker on the 1st July at the very first RTT Symposium.

If you are listening to this podcast and want to hear more then tickets are available on Event Brite by following the link below

RTT symposium tickets

Dan needs more support to help the most vulnerable in society so if you want to connect and find out how you can help then pop over to

Don't forget to leave a comment and share this podcast and remember be kind and see peoples hearts.

Simply noticing someone can change their lives.


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