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Mental Health in UK Policing Lifting the Lid with Lobby Thornton - EP 25

May 27, 2021

Steve Lobby ThorntonMeet our Guest

Steve (widely known as ‘Lobby’ - a proud Lancastrian) Thornton, is a retired Metropolitan Police Officer, having completed 30+ years, and has been working as a Civilian Senior Firearms Instructor for the last 5 years.

Recent studies have shown that 1 in 4 Police Officers/Staff/Volunteers will experience mental illness and 1 in 5 will suffer from PTSD or Complex PTSD.

Steve like myself is on a mission to not just bring more awareness around this important issue but to ensure the frontline get the support they deserve.

Steve says:

“My passion is the wellbeing of my colleagues; serving and retired as well as the families behind them who are often overlooked when it comes to welfare support.”

Starting as a Cadet in 1982, Lobby joined the job in 1983 and began working in busy Inner London before transferring to SO19, the Met’s Firearms Unit in 1995. He then worked as an Operational Firearms Officer and is a National Police Firearms Instructor.

Lobby is an experienced Post Incident Support Program Selected Instructor, a Welfare Coach for the Police Firearms Officers Association, an Ambassador for Police Care UK, a TRiM Manager, and a Founder member of the National Prevention of Police Suicides Group. Lobby is a very proactive and forthright Wellbeing Champion, working tirelessly on behalf of colleagues within the Met and elsewhere.

Lobby like myself is keen to give the frontline the best care possible.

Lobby set up Trojan Wellbeing in 2020 as a result of ongoing work supporting both colleagues and their families experiencing difficulties. It is widely recognised that mental health support is not as helpful as it could be from many senior managers, and there is an ever-growing need for Mental Health First Aid training to recognise the symptoms; as well as learning about how to signpost those seeking help.

Trojan Wellbeing aims to provide MHFA trained officers throughout the forces, who will learn to proactively spot early warning signs and have the confidence to start a conversation with those who appear to be struggling. This in turn will create a wide-reaching peer support network and proactively supply support swiftly and accurately.

Trojan Wellbeing

Courses available

TRiM - Trauma Management’ dealing with colleagues following a traumatic incident.

Mental Health Fitness Screening - Self Awareness is key to a healthy life.

Mental Health First Aid Training – MHFA England Instructor.

Trojan Wellbeing Facebook community provides peer support access to colleagues going through similar experiences.

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